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Meet Your Coach...

I'm Carter Schmitz... 

Headshot 2.JPG

I'm an average golfer, with a beyond average passion for helping
the golfer. 

As a sports performance coach, I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of athletes ranging from 8 year old's to the professional ranks, and everybody in between, including elite golfers and other rotational athletes. 

I believe that the game of golf has an unbelievable way of empowering our lives, and creating community. 

The golfing community is amongst the strongest and most eager to improve in the world. 

I want to surround myself with people like you.

People who strive to get better.
People who believe that greater potential exists. 
People who commit themselves to growth. 

My mission is to empower and inspire golfers to take control of their health and performance through

Doing so may just also help you find lower scores... 

At SCRATCH Golf Training...

... we believe all golfers are athletes, and should train like one. 

... we believe all athletes can uncover higher levels of health and performance.

... we believe that the game of golf can be a tool that empowers our lives both on and off the course.


Find the training program that's right for you

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