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3 Exercises for TENNIS ELBOW

I wrote all about golfers elbow HERE and the same exact principles will apply to tennis elbow, the exercises will just change slightly.



Elbow pain is common in golfers, oftentimes derived from tendinopathy (a long-term form of tendinitis).

Basically, the tendons surrounding the forearm / elbow region get used heavily and get exposed to high velocities in our golf swing.

Because of this, they can damage overtime if we don't properly prepare and strengthen the area.



Tennis elbow is the unfriendly neighbor to golfers elbow.

It is represented by pain on the lateral (outside, if your palm is facing forwards) side of the elbow/forearm area.

It's caused by long-term exposure to high velocity activity, or, more commonly, sudden increases in volume of high velocity activity.

I often hear of tennis and golfers elbow popping up in the spring time after going months without hitting a golf ball.

You go from not swinging a golf club for 5 months to two jumbo buckets... no wonder your elbow pain flairs up.