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3 Cable Exercises for Golfers

A cable machine is a great piece of equipment.

The main benefit is that they allow us to load the body from many different angles and in different planes of movement.

As a rotationally driven golf athlete, this is not only beneficial, but NECESSARY!

What is the purpose of training?

While there are many, one central purpose is to prepare the body for the physical demands of your life.

In order to do so, we need to expose your body to many different stresses and stimuli - which can in part be achieved through a cable machine!

What is a Cable Machine?

A cable machine is an adjustable piece of strength training equipment that can be progressively loaded (or unloaded) by moving a pin up and down the weight stack.

It looks something like this...

While I wouldn't consider it to be an essential piece of your at-home gym, it certainly offers some unique characteristics that can add to your training sessions.

I wrote all about how to build an at-home gym HERE!


3 Exercises with a Cable Machine that Will Benefit GOLFERS




The lats play a crucial role in the development of clubhead speed.

I wrote all about the importance of the lats, as well as this exercise in detail HERE.

I recommend completing it in the middle of your workouts after primary strength work.

3-4 sets of 6-12 reps, at minimum once per week.




Like I said above, one of the central benefits of the cable machine is that we can load the body from many directions, one of them being the rotational plane.

This exercise challenges our core and anti-rotational strength.

Being able to produce force and have strength in this pattern is important for both creating and absorbing the impacts created by your golf swing.

I wrote more about this exercise HERE.



Third and finally, a CABLE FACE PULL

The posterior shoulder complex represents a common injury spot for golfers and athletes alike.

There are many important muscles that stabilize and hang on to the shoulder as we move our arms through the violent motion of the golf swing.

Because of this, we should work to strengthen the posterior shoulder complex as best we can to prepare it for the demands of your swing.

Complete 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps of this exercise at minimum once per week.


If you have access to a cable machine in training, USE IT!

It can create a bodily stimulus and give you access to exercises that you can't complete elsewhere.

Try these three exercises and let me know how they go!

Carter Schmitz