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3 Exercise to Help FIX Knee Pain

Although not the most common spot for pain and injuries, knee pain can be debilitating and make playing golf unbearable.

As golfers what can we be doing to help promote recovery from knee pain, as well as build future resilience into the future?


Like all of my articles in which I discuss pain and injury, please go see a doc if your specific context calls for it.

None of this is meant to replace medical advice, but hopefully you find some value in the content, thoughts, and discussion!



The largest mistake I see athletes make all the time when experiencing pain is simply doing nothing.

The doc says, "take it easy for a month."

Certain acute injuries and pain do call for rest, no doubt about it.

But, if we are experiencing chronic (long-term) pain in a joint, resting it is probably the LAST thing we should be doing.

Our body needs a degree of stress in order to create adaptations.

In order to strengthen and improve the function of the troublesome joint, a degree of stress needs to be placed on it to promote adaptation and recovery!

And stress is created through MOVING the joint and LOADING the joint.

The difference between chronic and acute pain

Chronic pain is long-term pain. It's often not caused by a specific injury and simply develops over time and lingers.

Our body is incredibly adaptable. Most instances of chronic pain recover on their own over time.