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3 Lunge Variations for GOLFERS

Lunges are an awesome tool to have in your training toolbox.

They work to increase lower body strength, and the addition of impact forces from the stride can make it more stressful than a squat exercise (stress is good)!

But, DO NOT add rotation to your lunge.

This is a pet peeve of mine.

When you add rotation to a lunge pattern, you have to simultaneously remove the loading stimulus being used.

For example, you can't complete a rotational reverse lunge while holding 50 lb dumbbells. So, to complete the rotation, you remove the dumbbells.

Well... you just effectively made it a less valuable exercise.

When we do lunges at SCRATCH, we LOAD THEM.

We treat them like the lower body strength exercise that they are

We use them to get stronger and more resilient.

Below you'll find three of my favorite lunge variations we make use of here at SCRATCH!


They won't directly improve your golf swing.

They won't fix your slice, help you compress the ball, or remove your early extension.

But they will help build resilience in your lower body and spine.