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3 Pieces of Rotational Power Development

When it comes to the golf swing, there are two separate, but at the same time unified pieces of the rotational power puzzle:

  1. The lower body and its relationship with the ground

  2. The upper body and its ability to load and explode rotationally

A recent video was posted by 2 Time World Long Drive Champion, Joe Miller, check it out below:

Hitting a golf ball 380+ yards, off your knees… absolutely unbelievable.

This is by far one of the cooler things I have seen on the internet in some time.

However, I think we can learn a lot from this video, so much that I decided to write an entire blog on it… let’s do this!

First and foremost…

It is unbelievable how adaptable and versatile Joe’s movement abilities are that he can produce this much rotational power from a kneeling position.

It is another example showcasing how equipped our motor abilities are to learn new skills and solve problems!