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3 Rotational Power Builders!

When we look at the physical training and development process, I have found that there are three non-linear levels that need to be met in order to maximize your physical properties on the golf course.

First we need to build larger physical outputs. We need to increase strength, power, mobility, motor variability, stability, etc.

We do this in training with your classic, fundamental movements like squats, deadlifts, mobility flows, etc.

Thirdly (yes, I understand I skipped the secondly part, we'll come back to it), we have to actually playing golf. The truest form of expressing our physical outputs is actually playing the sport!

Plus it's the most fun part.

Secondly (told ya I'd get to it), we need to bridge the gap between the first and third levels! To do so, we complete rotationally based power movements such as medicine ball throwing, plyometrics, and more! The goal with these isn't to mimic your golf swing, but instead to simply express your physical outputs in a manner slightly more golf like, working to bridge the gaps between levels!

Check out this video for a more detailed breakdown of these three critical levels of training and motor development, as well as 3 exercises you can add to your toolbox to fill in that second level!

Coach Carter Schmitz