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3 Steps for Injury Reduction in Golf

Why do you play golf?

For many of us, we play for the community, the social aspect, and meeting up with friends to enjoy a beautiful summer day.

We play to get outside, to have a couple brews with some buds that we haven’t seen in awhile.

And it is for these reasons (and more), that the sport of golf is awesome... I believe the best sport in the world!

However, have you ever wanted to play golf with somebody but couldn’t because of a nagging injury? Or maybe you reached out to a buddy who couldn’t join you because of his/her bum back?

The sport of golf connects us - injuries within the sport are trying to disconnect us.




The first step in injury reduction is…


Our bodies are unbelievably adaptable. If we feed them the appropriate stressors, we will be more prepared for the golf swing, creating injury resilience.

How can we act proactively?

First, look at your holistic health habits. Our health underlies everything that we do on and off the golf course. Make sure yours are dialed in!

How’s your nutrition? Hydration? Sleep?

All of this plays an integral part in your body's ability to be resilient.

Secondly, let’s be proactive about our physical training and fitness. The greater our overall fitness abilities and staying on top of our physical training will drastically decrease injuries down the road.