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3 Steps to Rotational POWER

Developing as a rotationally driven athlete isn't going to be all that different than any other athlete.

I outlined the three central steps above in that tweet... let's dig into each one a bit.

First, get holistically stronger.

Strength training checks so many boxes.

More force production... check

More power... check

More mobility... check

More resilience... check

Healthier joints... check

Stronger muscles... check

The big key I want to get across is the "holistic" part.

We aren't trying to simply strengthen the golf swing pattern.

We are trying to strengthen our body holistically.

We are trying to strengthen many patterns and positions so that we can become a more adaptable and versatile mover.


Second, rotate fast!

If you want to run faster... run fast.

If you want to jump higher... jump high.

If you want to rotate faster... rotate fast.

It's not rocket science.

Expose yourself to high rotational velocities often in training.

Something like THIS.

Third, mobility!

While it is certainly not the MOST important element of rotational power, it is an important element.

We need to make sure we have the mobility necessary to maximize our hand path, backswing loading, and rotational coiling.

Simply by achieving a larger range of motion, we give ourselves more time to accelerate the clubhead.

Now, it's much more complex than that. But, in a vacuum, it's a fact.

Some important joint mobility considerations are:

  • Hips

  • Spine

  • Shoulders

  • Neck

  • Wrists

  • Ankles

If limited in any of these, our rotational power *could* also be limited.

Here are some ways to work on them!




More Shoulders


Get stronger.

Rotate fast.

Make sure your mobility across the board is adequate.

Let's get faster this season!

Carter Schmitz


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