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3 Stoic Ideas you need in your Golf Training

Stoicism is a philosophical idea that has resonated with me and is something that I strive to embody in my daily life.

It's a powerful tool and thought process that can help all of us on our journey of improvement - both on and off the golf course.

Let's talk a little about what it is and then dive into how it's going to HELP YOU.

What is stoicism?

Stoicism is more than a philosophy, it's a tool, that is designed to help us build resilience in our lives, make us happier, and more virtuous.

Understanding and embodying its' ideas can help make us better humans, parents, athletes, golfers and anything else we need to be.

It's a way of living. A way of thinking. A way of organizing our lives.

It's powerful.

Some of the best thinkers and leaders of the past embody and learn from the stoic philosophy - and you can too.

Here's three quotes I've journaled on and learned from in my pursuit of mastery, knowledge, and self-betterment...

Something happens to you. Good.

- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Shit happens.

On the golf course.

In life.

In business.


Ask yourself, what can you control?

What can you do about it?

You duffed a shot into the drink - so what.

You can't do anything about it now.

It's done.

Control what you can control.

The next shot.

Your attitude about it.

Your reaction to it.

Your perception of it.

Marcus Aurelius also writes in his infamous book Meditations...

"But if you accept the obstacle and work with what you're given an alternative will present itself - another piece of what you're trying to assemble. Action by action."

Everyday that you walk into the weight room, you're adding a piece to the puzzle.

You're putting a brick in the wall.

Action by action.

Brick by brick.

You are creating the physical body that you want.

Obstacles exist.

Meetings pop up.

Laziness arises.


How are you still going to get your work in?

How are you still going to add a brick to the wall?

The stoics believe in focusing on what you CAN control.

You CAN control your response to obstacles.

Your response to failure.

Your perception of what happens to you and around you.

You can't control a lot of shit in this world, but you can control your work ethic and your attitude.

You control if you're walking into the weight room today.

Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your life. Now take what's left and live it properly.

- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

You're not guaranteed tomorrow.

You're not guaranteed another round of golf.

If you learned today that your golf career was over, how much would you give for just one more chance to tee it up?

A ton.

Be grateful.

Be present.

"Each of us lives only now, this brief instant. The rest has been lived already, or is impossible to see"

This has been a focus of mine 2022.

It was the first goal I wrote down on 1/1/22.

To be more present.

To take in life.

To enjoy the company of my family and friends.

To truly listen to athletes, and be present for each and every one of them.

I can confidently say, I've improved.

But I have a long way to go.

Are you present?

Or are you constantly thinking into the future?

Take a breath.

Take in where you're at.

Talk to your group while on the course.

Listen to them.

Take in the beauty of nature.

Feel the ground beneath your feet.

But to get back up when you fail, to celebrate behaving like a human however imperfectly - and fully embrace the pursuit that you've embarked on.

- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Many of us have chosen to embark on this pursuit of greater golf performance.

We ALL want to improve.

We ALL are going to fail.


Failure creates learning experiences and adaptations.

In life, golf, and training.

What happens when you're doing a bicep curl and fail on the 12th rep?

You're creating muscular gains.

"The impediment to action advances action."

You fail.

All that matters is how you respond.

View failure not as a negative setback, but a positive advancement forward - towards your goals.

Failure can be positive.


There you have it.

Three quotes and ideas to chew on.

  1. Controlling what you can control.

  2. Being present.

  3. Shifting our view of failure.

Journal on them.

Apply them.

Learn from them, and your experiences.

Become a better, healthier, version of yourself.



Carter Schmitz

Founder and Head Coach -


Carter is a strength and conditioning coach out of the Milwaukee area working with athletes, in-person and virtually. Having helped hundreds of athletes, ranging from the middle school to the professional level and beyond, Carter brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to every athlete he works with. He launched in the summer of 2021 to help empower golfers to greater performance and longevity.

Carter believes ALL golfers are athletes, and they should be training accordingly.

Become a SCRATCH Athlete today, and start training like the ATHLETE you are!


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