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3 Stoic Ideas you need in your Golf Training

Stoicism is a philosophical idea that has resonated with me and is something that I strive to embody in my daily life.

It's a powerful tool and thought process that can help all of us on our journey of improvement - both on and off the golf course.

Let's talk a little about what it is and then dive into how it's going to HELP YOU.

What is stoicism?

Stoicism is more than a philosophy, it's a tool, that is designed to help us build resilience in our lives, make us happier, and more virtuous.

Understanding and embodying its' ideas can help make us better humans, parents, athletes, golfers and anything else we need to be.

It's a way of living. A way of thinking. A way of organizing our lives.

It's powerful.

Some of the best thinkers and leaders of the past embody and learn from the stoic philosophy - and you can too.

Here's three quotes I've journaled on and learned from in my pursuit of mastery, knowledge, and self-betterment...

Something happens to you. Good.

- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Shit happens.

On the golf course.

In life.

In business.