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3 Tips to DOMINATE Your Golf Off-Season

The off-season presents a great opportunity to improve your physical abilities as it relates to the sport of golf!

I have three tips to help you DOMINATE your golf off-season.

Let's get right to it.

Tip #1 - Care about what matters

There are a lot of things in the golf fitness and training world that, quite frankly, don't matter.

Here's a short list of things you SHOULD NOT care or worry about this off-season:

  • Fixing imbalances

  • Scoring highly on a movement screen

  • "Getting too muscular"

What should you care about?

  1. Getting strong af

  2. Swinging faster

  3. Moving freely and confidently

FIRST, getting stronger.

When it comes to building resilience and longevity - which I assume are both goals for most of us - getting stronger should be a top priority.

More strength makes joints more stable and higher functioning.

It can make you more mobile and flexible, when built correctly.