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5 Keys to LONGEVITY in Golf.

LONGEVITY is something we all want.

We want to play the sport of golf for the rest of our lives.

But HOW?

What should we be doing to make sure of this?


FIRST, understand the demands!

The sport of golf is demanding.

It's fatiguing.

It's fast, powerful, and impactful.

The fact that you are here reading this makes me think that you understand the demands of the sport of golf, but if you don't, let's dive into some specifics because this will help shape the way in which we achieve longevity.

First, the sport of golf demands very high amounts of rotational power output. Power is a combination of force and velocity. Therefore, we need to create bodies that can both create and withstand large amounts of force and velocity.

Furthermore, it demands us to create/absorb these large outputs 40-60 times throughout a round of golf!

The golf swing demands fairly large ranges of motion at certain joints like the shoulders, hips, and spine.