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A Hip Mobility Exercise You NEED to Try!


So many athletes need more hip mobility.

It's probably one of the most common things I get asked about... how do I improve my hip mobility?

Many athletes simply don't have access to enough range in their hips to promote fluent, coordinated activity.

The golf swing requires large amounts of flexion, extension and rotation in both hips... if limited, we could be creating compensations elsewhere in the body.


HOWEVER, do note, literally everybody in the world has compensations in their movement patterns. Compensations aren't automatically a bad thing unless they contribute to injury or poor function.

I wrote a bit about this HERE and I think it's an important understanding to have whenever we discuss compensations or "limitations."


Why do so many lack hip mobility?

While there are many reasons, I believe a central one to be a lack of movement.

Quite simply, we aren't moving our hips through large ranges of motion often enough for them to maintain the ranges of motion we have as children and young adults.

We sit a lot of the day.

We drive to work.

We sit while we eat.