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Aging Happens, what can we do about it?

The game of golf plays an important role in many of our lives.

It's more than a game to many of us.

And there is one thing that more than anything else tries to take it away from us... aging.

As we age, our bodies naturally decrease in function.

Articular cartilage within joints gets less stiff and absorbent.

The resorption rate of bones decreases.

Muscles get weaker and can absorb less stress.

It's natural. It's aging.

But... there are certainly things we can do to eliminate, and in some ways, REVERSE the aging process.

Moral of the Story

If you want the SparkNotes version of this article, it's this:

  1. Be proactive.

  2. Start strength, speed, and mobility training multiples times every week

  3. Be consistent.

Joint Health

As we age, joints get stiffer and tend to become less fluid.

In part, decreased fluidity