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Bang-FORE-Your-Buck Golf Fitness Exercises

Recently I wrote about how the whole excuse of "I don't have time to workout" is, to put simply, bs.

Even if you have an extra 15 minutes per week, you can work towards greater levels of athleticism and resilience.

Check out that blog post here...

Towards the end, I made a short list of bang-for-your-buck (which we'll simply abbreviate as BFYB) type exercises.

Today, I want to go into a little more detail about what a good BFYB exercise is and how we can get the most out of limited training time.

Let's do this.

5 Tips for BFYB Training Sessions

Tip #1: Use time, not reps/sets.

When we use a timer or stopwatch of some kind it's much easier to stay on track and roll through a workout efficiently.

Here's an example...

Start a stopwatch.

Don't stop moving unless you are in the "rest" phase.

So, the total superset will take 6 minutes.

3 Rounds

1a: Goblet Squats... 30 seconds

1b: Downdog Push Ups... 30 seconds

1c: Band RDL... 30 seconds

1d: Rest... 30 seconds

Think of how many quality reps you just completed in only 6 minutes... impressive!

Tip #2: Compound Movements

But, what does that mean dude?

When you look at an exercise, ask yourself how many large joints are moving?

For example, a bicep curl there is one joint moving - the elbow.

A squat there are 3 central joints - ankle, knees, and hips.

If you are limited on time, you should rarely be using the former.

Stick to exercises that incorporate, at minimum, 2 joints.

Tip #3: Lower Body vs. Upper Body

Even it up, train them equally or for many I recommend slightly favoring lower body exercises.

Many lower body exercises are more total body than lower body.

Something like a hexbar deadlift or a goblet squat will incorporate the upper body into the lower body strength exercise.

Tip #4: Be Active In-Between Sets

You should almost never be truly "resting."

Although it is important that we achieve appropriate recovery in-between sets, that doesn't mean we need to be solely resting.

Two ways we can be efficiently active during our resting time in between sets:

  1. Add in exercises of opposite muscles (kinda like the super set shown above)

  2. Add mobility exercises in-between sets (example below)

A strength / mobility superset may look something like this.

3 Rounds

1a: Hexbar Deadlift... 4x5

1b: Quadruped Hip Circles... 4x20 seconds each side

By completing the hip circles in-between sets of the deadlifts you can both recover and improve your hip mobility!

Tip #5: Put the Phone Away

Or, if you are using the SCRATCH Golf Training App - which you should be ;) - turn it on airplane mode.

I need to take my own medicine on this one.

I'm bad at this.

I'll get sucked into an email or social media in the middle of a set.



[1.] DB Reverse Lunges

[2.] DB Single Leg RDL

[3.] Landmine Bent Over Rows

[4.] Hexbar Deadlifts

[5.] Eccentric Pallof Rotations

Let's go low!

Carter Schmitz


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