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Bicep Curls for GOLFERS

Bicep curls are a very functional exercise for golfers.

And I am not just talking about filling in your polo sleeves.

Yep... more curls please.

Trailing Side Elbow

Check out the image of Tiger below and notice how his elbow violently goes from a flexed (bent) position to an extended (straight) one.

While there are many muscles contributing to the control of this violent elbow movement, the biceps is going to be a key one.

If you're biceps isn't strong enough to handle and absorb the loads associated with this movement, we could see other joints and muscles be forced to compensate and take on greater loads.

A healthy elbow is, at least in part, driven by a strong and resilient bicep.

Let's look at the Shoulder

The central stabilizers of the shoulder joint are the rotator cuff muscles, cartilage and ligaments that cross the joint.

But, the biceps also cross the shoulder joint.

Meaning that it contributes to the stabilization and resiliency of the joint.

A healthy shoulder is, at least in part, driven by a strong and resilient bicep.


Obviously, we shouldn't be prioritizing bicep curls over squats, lunges, deadlifts, push ups, and other compound movements.

But, if somebody at the gym sees you doing bicep curls and says... "HEY, THOSE AREN'T FUNCTIONAL"

You can respond with... YES THEY ARE, and hit 'em with all this knowledge.

Check out the video below for THREE PUMP WORTHY BICEP CURL VARIATIONS...

Carter Schmitz