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Can Vitamin C + Gelatin BOOST Healing from Golfer's Elbow?


Like all of my articles in which I discuss pain and injury, please go see a doc if your specific context calls for it.

None of this is meant to replace medical advice, but hopefully you find some value in the content, thoughts, and discussion!


What is Golfer's Elbow?

Medial epicondylar tendinopathy is the official name.

Golfer's elbow happens when the tendon on the middle side of our elbow damages and degenerates. Most often, this damage is due to excessive and ill-prepared high velocity activities that place high jerk on the tendon.

Golfer's elbow can be debilitating, painful and frustrating.

Luckily, tendons CAN adapt.

They can heal, recover, and strengthen.

We just need to LOAD them properly.

The Building Blocks of Tendon

Tendons connect muscles to bones.

They are a transitional structure in that the muscle end of the tendon will behave more like muscle, while the bone end will behave more like bone.

They're primarily made up of collagen fibers and elastin that orient themselves parallel to the tendon.

This orientation makes tendons very strong in their resistance of pulling forces of tension.