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CLUBHEAD SPEED TRAINING... A Cheaper Option than Speed Sticks

Speed sticks are all the rage right now in the golf fitness and clubhead speed training worlds.

As they should be!

They're massively effective.

They will hep you improve your golf performance.

However, don't think for a second that a speed stick program ALONE will maximize your potential on the golf course.

It needs to be properly balanced within a holistic strength and power development program.

The two biggest brands of speed sticks are SuperSpeed and the Stack System.

Both excellent and I highly recommend both of them to all golfers.

But I have one issue with them...

They're fairly expensive.

Summary of the Article...

Here's what you are in for within the rest of the article:

First, you'll find a video of me highlighting my speed training day from earlier this week. Within in it, I discuss a brief overview of why we should use speed sticks, how to make your own, and how I incorporate them into my own training.

Secondly, I'll go into more detail into the WHY behind the sticks.