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Clubhead Speed Training for Golf - Everything you need to know.

If you are looking to gain clubhead speed, you should be SPEED TRAINING.

Alongside your speed training you NEED to be completing a holistic strength and mobility training program.

Doing so is going to provide the necessary support for your speed development.

What should your speed training look like?

Let's dive in!


While many exercises will make up our strength, mobility and speed development training program, when it comes to clubhead speed specific speed training, there is one central exercise that matters MOST.

As we move along the spectrum from strength training, to power training, to speed training we should narrow our collection of exercises to be more sport specific.

This is because we want to make our speed and velocity gains transferable to the golf course.

Don't hear what I'm not saying...

You SHOULD include MANY exercises in your speed and power development training program, including:

  • Jumps

  • Medicine ball throws

  • Medicine ball slams

  • Sprinting

But, more than anything, start speed swinging.