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Clubhead Speed Training... The Most Important Tip

I'm not going to beat around the point.

Your clubhead speed training needs to be violent, otherwise you're not speed training.


We are all trying to get more technically proficient.

We are all trying to hit better golf shots, more consistently.

BUT, we CANNOT care about this in our speed training.

The goal of speed training, is speed... I know, shocker.

In order to create greater clubhead speed, we need to expose ourselves to maximal speeds.

Not 85% speeds.

110% SPEEDS.

We can't accomplish this if we are thinking about "tucking our trailing elbow" or "getting our hips through the ball."

Our sole focus of attention while speed training is SWING THIS STICK AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.



You can't fix your slice with a PVC pipe during speed training.

Our motor pattens are very task specific, meaning 'what is the goal of the movement we are trying to achieve?'

The moment you put a little white ball in the line of the club, the task changes drastically.

Which is why for many golfers they can execute a "perfect" practice swing, but then they slide the club behind the ball and everything changes.

Their tempo speeds up.

Their transition becomes too quick.

They totally forget what they were just repping in their practice swing.

The task has changed.

Point is... if you think you are fixing your slice with a PVC pipe... you probably aren't.

Further, if you think you are "messing up" your golf swing with a PVC pipe... you probably aren't doing that either.

Our movement is fairly task dependent.

The task of speed training, is maximizing speed.

The task of hitting a golf shot, is hitting a golf shot.

Keep them separate both physically and mentally (for the most part).


If you want to get faster, it takes more than just swinging a stick as fast as you can.

No doubt, this is probably one of the more important parts of the physical development equation (if speed is the goal), but we cannot forget about all the revolving elements around it.

Getting stronger.

Gaining mobility.

Prioritizing nutrition.

Hydrating appropriately.

Recovering sufficiently.

You get the point.

Speed training is COMPLEX.

You're not going to gain 15 mph in a week.

Better get to work.

Check out this other article I wrote for more information on clubhead speed training...

Let's get FASTER in 2022.

Carter Schmitz


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