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A Training Method that WILL Increase Power on the Golf Course.

Golf is a POWER based sport.

Power is force * velocity.

It requires high levels of both FORCE PRODUCTION and VELOCITY.

And I have just the training method for you that is sure to INCREASE POWER OUTPUT ON THE GOLF COURSE.


Summary of the article:


What is Contrast Training?

Contrast training is a fairly simple concept.

Complete a heavy strength exercise, then immediately (less than 2 minutes of rest) complete a light power exercise of that same general motor pattern.

For example...

Heavy squats -> Squat jumps.

Heavy bench -> Plyo push ups.

Hexbar Deads -> Seated box jumps.

By structuring training in this way, we can tap into physiological benefits that promote higher performance, adaptation, and more POWER!

Why Contrast Training Works?

[1.] Train both ends of the force-velocity curve.

As force increases, velocity decreases.

As velocity increases, force decreases.

By utilizing a training method like contrast training, we get the benefits of diversifying our location on this spectrum.

We train BOTH in a low velocity, high force state as well as a high velocity, low force state.

[2.] Post-Activation Potentiation (PAP)

PAP is the idea that immediately following a heavy strength exercise (like squats) we can achieve slightly heightened velocity/power based performance in a velocity based exercise (like squat jumps).

This increase in performance is due to an acute excitation of the neuromuscular system.

If you are a nerd, and want further detail, their appear to be two theoretical mechanisms of the enhanced performance experienced:

  1. Sensitization of myosin-actin interactions within the muscle, increasing cross-bridge cycling rate.

  2. Potentiated H-reflex response, leading to greater muscle activity.

Basically, we are firing up the system, prepping it via a strength based exercise, and then subsequently performing at a higher level via a power exercise.

[3.] Increased Workout Effeciency

Us golfers want to spend time on the course... not in the gym.

By pairing exercises together in a manner like contrast training provides, we reap the benefits of increased effeciency and less time spent in the gym.



Golf is a POWER based sport.

Power is force * velocity.

It requires high levels of both FORCE PRODUCTION and VELOCITY.

A contrast training method allows us to efficiently train both of these characteristics.

Although this next part may be a little hippie-ish of me, I really like contrast training for the tension-flow relationship it creates.

Completing a heavy strength exercise is very tension driven.

It requires spinal rigidity and a highly tense core.

Completing a power based exercise like jumping or slamming a medicine ball requires fluidity and high velocity coordination.

Contrast training creates a yin-yang relationship between tension and fluidity.

And being able work between phases of high tension and high fluidity is critical in sports, especially golf!

I talked about this idea in an Instagram post awhile back, check it out below!

And shoot me a follow once you get there ;)


Lower Body

4x5e Barbell Split Squats -> 4x3 Bodyweight Squat Jumps

Barbell Split Squats

Squat Jump

Upper Body

4x6 DB Bench Press -> 4x2e Lateral Plyo Push Ups

DB Bench Press

Lateral Plyo Push Ups


4x8 Cable Lat Pulldowns -> 4x5 MB Slams

Cable Lat Pulldowns

MB Spinal Slams


4x3e Pallof Eccentric Rotation -> 4x3e PVC Swing

Pallof Eccentric Rotation


Add some contrast training to your golf training.

Take your POWER to a new level.


Carter Schmitz

Founder and Head Coach -


Carter is a strength and conditioning coach out of the Milwaukee area working with athletes, in-person and virtually. Having helped hundreds of athletes, ranging from the middle school to the professional level and beyond, Carter brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to every athlete he works with. He launched in the summer of 2021 to help empower golfers to greater performance and longevity.

Carter believes ALL golfers are athletes, and they should be training accordingly.

Become a SCRATCH Athlete today, and start training like the ATHLETE you are!


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