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Front Squats or Back Squats for golfers?

I'm not saying those initial 3 questions posed are pointless...

BUT, it's crucial that you understand where they fall on the priority list.

They're towards the bottom.

Very rarely are answers in this training world yes or no, this or that, 100% or never.

If you see a coach swearing by one form of training (CrossFit, HIIT, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, etc.), you're probably in the wrong spot.

If a coach says, "You need to be doing 5x5 if strength is the goal."

Or, "HIIT training is the only way to build aerobic health"

Or, "CrossFit is the perfect form of training for ALL athletes."

These are all lies.

Let's dive in to each of those three initial questions to break down how we should be thinking about training...

3x10 or 4x6?

Doesn't matter a ton.

The body doesn't really know the difference.

It just knows the stress that is being placed on it.

What does matter?

The intent that you complete each rep with.

How close to failure you are on the last rep of the set.

The degree of exhaustion you experience during and after the set.

Front Squat or Back Squat?

Whichever is more comfortable for you...

I've found for most this is the back squat.

If you're more comfortable with a loading pattern, you'll add more weight and complete it with greater intent, which is more than likely the goal of a strength exercise like these.

Now, comfortability isn't always the goal in training... we do want to change up the stimulus we are providing the body.

We want to diversify stresses.

If you back squatted 3 weeks in a row, it's time for a change of pace.

Context matters, but for most of the golfers reading this, let's load up squats the way we are most comfortable.

Heck if that's Zercher Squat... all the power to ya!

Unilateral or Bilateral Training?

Both. End of story.

The point is this...

Discussions and questions like these 3 presented happen on twitter and in gyms daily, and quite frankly, they just don't matter a ton.

Don't get sucked into them.

I care MUCH more about the intent you train with.

I care MUCH more that you understand your purpose for training... you know WHY you stepped into the gym.

The body will create adaptations to the stresses you provide it.

Worry less about the intricacies of your program and more about the deeper fuel source driving you to the gym.

Let's go low.




Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI










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