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Gaining Speed Like Matt Fitzpatrick!

What a great 2022 US Open.

A stacked leaderboard and a wild finish on Sunday!

Congrats to Matt Fitzpatrick.

If you haven't heard much of his story, I recommend reading up on him.

He tracks basically every shot he hits in practice or tournaments, by hand. He then uses all of this data to shape his practice structure and strategy.

He's also committed himself to the weight room and speed training.

Just a cool story of a guy that genuinely works his ass off.

I was thrilled when he took home the trophy a last Sunday.



At this year's US Open, Matt Fitzpatrick - all 5' 10" and 155 lbs of him - ranked 2nd in Strokes Gained Off the Tee.


He was 16th in driving distance... beating out the likes of Max Homa, Xander, JT, Sam Burns, and Will Zalatoris in this category.

He was crushing the golf ball.

But, how? Let's dive in.

*Quick note... All info has come from various articles such as this one, this one and this one. He also appeared on this podcast where he provided insights into his training. I'm not actually connected to Fitzpatrick in anyway, other than being a fan and an inspired outside observer. Also, all stats are from or

The year was 2019.

In 2019, Fitzpatrick was ranked outside the top 150 in driving distance. This year he is 108th - still not very high, but a massive step up nonetheless.

And further, if you just look at more recent tournaments, here are his driving distance ranks:

US Open - 16th

RBC Canadian Open - 13th

PGA Championship - 17th

Wells Fargo - 28th

He's uncovered distance.


But HOW?

For the last two years he has been using The Stack System (a weighted club speed training system).

This system is very similar to what I discussed in THIS article and the speed program SCRATCH Athletes get access to HERE.

Fitzpatrick hasn't just blindly ran into increased speed... he's worked for it.

With consistency and intensity.

Those two items are important.

It wasn't a one week process... it took TWO YEARS to reap the rewards.

It didn't simply take one max out swing speed session... it took TWO YEARS of them!

Speed training along with technical practice and a holistic strength training program has helped support him to the US Open win!


You don't need to be on the PGA Tour to benefit from increased speed.

In fact, it probably helps amateurs and weekend warriors MORE than it does PGA Tour Golfers.

This is because most amateurs aren't long off the tee, so an increase in 25 yards creates a distinct advantage as compared to your playing partners.

My top 3 reasons for more speed:

  1. More driving distance

  2. Shorter irons into greens (more GIRs)

  3. Each swing is less impactful (wrote about this HERE)

What are you waiting for? Time to GET FASTER

Here's the speed plan...

First, join a SCRATCH Strength Training program to become a holistically better athlete.

Second, join the SCRATCH Speed Blueprint for additional speed focused training.

Third, BE CONSISTENT WITH IT. It takes more than a week. More than a few weeks. More than a few months.

Be patient. Work hard. Let's get faster this season - like Matt Fitzpatrick!




Carter Schmitz

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Carter is a strength and conditioning coach out of the Milwaukee area working with athletes, in-person and virtually. Having helped hundreds of athletes, ranging from the middle school to the professional level and beyond, Carter brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to every athlete he works with. He launched in the summer of 2021 to help empower golfers to greater performance and longevity.

Carter believes ALL golfers are athletes, and they should be training accordingly.

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