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Golf Exercise Toolbox: DB/BB Split Squats

Split squats are amongst my favorite unilateral lower body strength exercise... Here's why!

Mobility Exposed

One of the main reasons I like it is for the mobility demands it places on our hips and ankles - which are even greater than a standard back squat.

The trailing hip moves beyond full extension and the front knee pushes the front ankle into large amounts of dorsiflexion.

If either of these joint patterns are limited, they will be exposed by this exercise.

And once exposed, we can use this exercise to help improve them!

Strength Challenge

Like the more standard bilateral back squat, the split squat can be loaded greatly to create strength adaptations!

Because two legs are still on the ground and working together, balance is less of an issue as compared to a skater squat or step up and we can therefore load them up!

Dumbbells or a barbell... both can work to create lower body strength adaptations.


Where to include them in your training?

As a strength exercise, split squats should be included earlier in the workout before too much fatigue sets in.

I recommend completing 4-5 sets or 3-6 reps each leg.

Additional Challenge...

If you are looking for an additional mobility challenge, try elevating your back foot!

By placing that back foot onto a bench, the trailing hip needs to move further into extension and the front leg takes on more loading.


Let's go low.

Carter Schmitz


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