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SCRATCH Athletes... Coming to a program near you!

I really like these.

If you have a minute, read the caption included in the IG post, otherwise I'll summarize it below...

Many "golf fitness" exercises just toss rotation into a motor pattern without actually loading or benefitting the transverse plane.

The transverse plane is our rotational plane of movement. So, it's a pretty important one for golfers... but many don't give it the love, attention, and STRESS that it needs to create adaptations!

For example, the exercise shown below includes rotation, but it isn't really loading the transverse plane...

Exercises like this one can absolutely have a place in training, but just understand what it does and doesn't offer.

As golfers, we need to load the transverse plane, which this lunge pattern isn't, while the exercise I show in my IG above does!!


Step 1... Pick an AGGRESSIVELY LARGE weight or band

Step 2... Get into an athletic position perpendicular to the line of pull of the band/cable

Step 3... Using bent arms bring the band/cable to your midline

Step 4... Press the band/cable out to a straight arm position, staying on your midline