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GOLF EXERCISE TOOLBOX: Prone Shoulder Rotations


This exercise moves the shoulder joint through a full range of rotation while challenging the posterior shoulder musculature to control and retract the scapula.

When I talk about exploring, this exercise is the perfect means of doing so.

While completing, EXPLORE the ranges of motion that you are taking your shoulder joint through.

The more you challenge it....

The more you explore novel positioning...

The more you push the limits of your movement...

The more mobility and shoulder health gains you are going to make!


Be sure to start by elevating yourself onto a bench or a stability ball as I show you here.

Doing so will allow more room for clearance of that shoulder rotation.

Secondly, take your time. In most cases you are completing 5-10 reps per set only so work through each rep slowly, really pushing the limits of the shoulder joint.


2-3 sets.

5-10 reps.

I recommend completing this as a warm-up exercise, although it truly could be completed anywhere throughout your workout.

Oftentimes at SCRATCH we mix this exercise in as a superset with a heavier strength movement.

For example, it'll look like this:

[1a.] Barbell Back Squats... 4x5

[1b.] Prone Shoulder Rotations... 4x5

So you'll complete a set of squats. Then a set of the Prone Shoulder Rotations while recovering from the set of squats. Repeat.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Let's go low.

Carter Schmitz


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