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Golf Mobility Made Simple

The number of complex "mobility" exercises I see on social media daily is puke worthy.

They use 7 different tools, the coach doesn't explain anything, and just posts it to look cool and get some likes.

But here's the thing... gaining mobility should not be complex.

At all.

Let's break it down.


In my opinion, mobility is the ability to utilize and control a large range of motion within a joint or collection of joints.

Basically, how expansive your movement ability is.

Can you move your body in the manner your life and golf swing demands?

The more important question... HOW do we grow mobility?

First and foremost, strength train through a full range of motion.

When an athlete comes to me asking for assistance with mobility, the first place I point them to is one of our strength training programs.

Research has shown that strength training ALONE can be just as effective as stretching when it comes to improving ranges of motion. AND, you get all of the strength and power adaptations that come with it.