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Golf Physical Assessments... Should you get one?

"Assess don't guess."

Is a very common tag line by golf professionals.

And, I don't like it.

Let's dive in.




What is a Physical Assessment?

A physical assessment is a routine of exercises and movements that a practitioner will put you through, and write down your results - results practitioners say are objective, but are often far from it.

They will then compare those results to subjective standards to see whether you pass or, the dreaded, FAIL.

If you can sense from my tone, I don't agree with the way physical assessments are utilized in the golf training world... But more on that later.

A good physical assessment should help guide our training program and expose our movement abilities.

They are descriptive, not predictive.

For example, if you try the Hip Rotation Test, shown below, and suck at it... we probably should explore some hip mobility in our training.

It's not rocket science.