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GOLFERS: 3 Keys for Injury Resilience in 2023


Injuries are the worst.

I love golf.

It's one of the best things in the world.

And having to take a break from the game because of an injury is the worst.

So, let's be proactive, let's get to work.

To be honest, you should have probably started this journey to resilience about 6 months ago... or 6 years ago.

But the best time to start, if you haven't already, is today!

Key #1: Get Healthier

The singular best way to avoid injuries is to simply become a healthier human being.



Sleep and recovery.

Emotional and mental well-being.

Move your body often and in novel ways.

These things matter so much more than doing the "ideal" squat variation or the "perfect" golf fitness workouts.

Key #2: Get Stronger.

Building holistic strength across your entire body will create more resilient tissues, making them tougher to break.

It will help joints be more stabile and higher functioning.

The process of getting stronger will stress our body in diverse and novel ways, creating adaptations and preparing it for future stresses!

Check out the article below to understand how to build LOWER BODY STRENGTH!


Key #3: Get Faster.

I know this sounds more like a golf PERFORMANCE booster than an injury resilience improver.

Well, it's both, but here's why getting faster will increase your resilience and ability to avoid injury...

FIRST, often, I hear about golfers getting hurt in Spring.

Not Summer or Fall, but Spring... why?

Here's one of my theories:

Athletes spend the whole winter either inactive or maybe doing some strength/cardio training.

How often do they expose themselves to velocities seen in the golf swing?

Not very often. Maybe not at all.

But then they step on the range and start ripping 110+ mph clubhead speed.

Their body isn't prepared for that velocity. It hasn't been exposed to it for 6 months.

SECOND, if you get faster, what happens to your current speed?

It gets easier.

It becomes less impactful.

If your max clubhead speed is 110 mph and you increase your max to 120 mph, all of the sudden 110 mph feels easier. It's less impactful because your body is capable of reaching new heights.

So the question is, how do you get faster?

Check it out below...


My big mission is to remove injuries from the sport of golf by changing the way we train for the sport.

While I understand, the first part of that statement isn't necessarily possible because injuries HAPPEN, let's work towards it and see how far we can get!

Be proactive.

Get healthier.

Get stronger.

Get faster.

Let's go low!

Carter Schmitz


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