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Golfers are adaptable.

I took one philosophy class in college.

I created this logic statement about golf performance and adaptability.

I think it's logically valid... but I could be wrong.


Apply stress to a human, they will adapt to be stronger.

Hans Selye coined the term General Adaptation Syndrome as a way of describing how we as humans grow through training.

Check it out below, and then I'll summarize it underneath!

Step 1 - Apply stress.

When we apply stress, we get a subtle dip to our performance level.

Our body damages from that stress.

For example, let's say you go to the gym and hammer some bicep curls... cuz why not?

Your bicep muscles will undergo subtle microtears.

You'll wake up sore.

The function of the bicep muscles will decrease slightly.

Step 2 - RECOVER.

But then, you go home and EAT PROTEIN, drink fluids, and get 8 hours of sleep.

You wake up the next day to your biceps being twice as big!!

Not quite... I wish.

However, it is amongst this recovery process that your biceps will repair, grow, and become stronger!

And notice in the graph, the recovery line (next to the 2) takes our performance level above and beyond where we started before the initial stress... this takes us to step 3!

Step 3 - Supercompensation.

This is the new functional level that your biceps are at.

It's above where we started this whole process.

Step 4 - Overtraining (also called, my college career).

If we overdo the stress we are applying, or underdo the recovery piece of the equation, we will see this overtraining phase enter the picture. Instead of allowing recovery to boost us into the supercompensation phase, we simply continue applying more stress which compounds STEP 1, and down goes our performance and function.


This is a very simplistic viewpoint as to how we create adaptations.

It is not even close to this clear-cut in practice.

Stress arises from outside of our physical training, which can greatly affect this process.

We suck at sleeping one night.

Our nutrition lacks for a few days while on vacation.

A workout doesn't feel as good so we use less weight than last week.

Stuff happens.

But this is a big picture view as to what our training goals are in the long-term.

We apply stress in order to create adaptations.


I hope this one doesn't need any more explaining...


This is the beauty of philosophy.

Because point 1 is valid, and I explained it above.

And point 2 is obvious.

Now point 3 doesn't need much explanation.

If you golf, you are adaptable just like all other human beings!

Apply stress. Create adaptations. Become the best human you can become!

Let's go low.

Carter Schmitz