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GOLFERS (Athletes): You Don't Need to be "Fixed"

This is an injury narrative that NEEDS to change in the golf, fitness and overall health world.

You don't need to be "fixed."

We aren't machines that simply require a tightened bolt or replaced batteries.

This can relate to many topics in our world, including:

  • Your golf swing

  • Injuries

  • Pain

We're going to focus on pain and injuries today.

Let's dive in.

Issue #1...

My primary issue I have is the message that a narrative like this sends to athletes.

You're basically telling the athlete, "you're broken."

How is a human supposed to react to this?

Emotions spike.

Stress rises.

And now the recovery process just got extended because of the condescending narrative and communication utilized.

Injuries exist.

I am not saying your pain is fake.

But, I am saying you NEED to understand the adaptability of the human body.

Too many times I have seen injured athletes maintain a fragility or broken mindset surrounding their injury because a doctor or athletic trainer gave it to them.


Time for a quick backstory!

I got injured my freshman year of college.

I strained my quad.

As a kicker, this is pretty devastating because your quad basically creates all the power on your kicking leg.

I had a HORRIBLE mindset around it.

I thought I was fragile. I thought I was being soft. I was homesick. I was an emotional wreck.

And my athletic trainer didn't help the cause with comments like...

"We'll get you fixed up" and "this exercise will solve your problems"

I'm a human. I had a soft tissue injury. He should have guided me towards empowerment, helping me strengthen the injured area and building confidence within the muscle.

I didn't lose any physical strength, it was just a minor strain.

I ended up sitting out 8 weeks.

Fast forward to my senior year... it happened again.

But I had a MUCH better mindset around it.

I was confident I would get back on the field at full strength.

I worked through the injury, strengthening, loading, and feeding that muscle the stress it needed.

I had learned and matured emotionally.

I was back on the field in 3 weeks.

Moral of the story, be aware of the language you use when talking to athletes (or yourself) and understand the emotional mindset you have surrounding an injury will effect the recovery process.


Injuries happen.

We can't prevent them all.

They are caused by stress on the body.

The body then proceeds to adapt to that stress.

You aren't broken because you are injured.

You're simply adapting and growing from stress.

I wrote all about pain and the complexity that it presents below...


Not all docs are bad.

Many injuries do require professionals and procedures to help the body create the necessary adaptations and return to it's fullest potential.

The biggest point I am trying to drive home is the mindset we have around injuries.

We aren't fragile.

You aren't "injury prone."

Humans adapt to stress and injuries are simply that - a stress.

If you are currently injured, you CAN and WILL get back to playing the beautiful game of golf.

Let's go low.

Carter Schmitz