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The traditional view is this...

In order to protect our spine, we should work to build a stronger core (this is true), via exercises that don't move our spine (this is bs).

They say... "The core is built to resist movement, not create it!"

Blah, blah, blah.

Watch any human swing a golf club.

Watch their spine.

What do you see?

Spinal rotation. Spinal flexion. Spinal extension. Spinal MOVEMENT!

Trying to protect this highly mobile joint by solely training it to resist movement is NOT the answer.

Your spine is adaptable.

As humans, we are adaptable.

We take on stress, and grow from it.

We become better because of it.

We stress our bodies in physical training.

We stress our minds with intense problem solving.

All of which, makes us stronger and more equipped to handle future stress.

This same logic applies to your spine.

It's adaptable.

The bones, muscles, and tissues that make up the spine and supporting structures are adaptable!

As you progressively stress them, they will become better equipped to handle your golf swing and LIFE.

Move Your Spine

We all agree that a healthy and resilient spine is important... the bigger question is how?

I am a firm believer that health and resilience is built within a joint by applying diverse stresses to it.

We need to expose the spine to progressively greater levels of movement and loads, just like every other joint.

We need to load it from many directions, and within many different movement patterns.

Doing so will force it to stabilize and strengthen within large and diverse ranges of motion.

This is going to promote simultaneous mobility, strength, resilience, and adaptability!

Here’s 4 exercises to build a strong, mobile and resilient spine…

1. Banded Lateral Bends

2. Standing spinal rotations

3. Cat-Cow

4. Barbell RDL


Carter Schmitz

Founder and Head Coach -


Carter is a strength and conditioning coach out of the Milwaukee area working with athletes, in-person and virtually. Having helped hundreds of athletes, ranging from the middle school to the professional level and beyond, Carter brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to every athlete he works with. He launched in the summer of 2021 to help empower golfers to greater performance and longevity.

Carter believes ALL golfers are athletes, and they should be training accordingly.

Become a SCRATCH Athlete today, and start training like the ATHLETE you are!


John Kreuser
Jan 06, 2022

Great post Carter - lots of good advice - love the video demos!

Carter Schmitz
Carter Schmitz
Jan 06, 2022
Replying to

Thanks John!

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