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The traditionalist view:

In order to protect our spine, we should work to build a stronger core (this is not false), via exercises that don't move our spine (this is bs).

They say... "The core is built to resist movement, not create it!"

Blah, blah, blah.

Here’s a picture of Tiger…

Well would you look at that… his spine is rotating, flexing, and extending!

And yours does too in your swing.

Trying to protect this highly mobile joint by solely training it to resist movement is NOT the answer.

In fact, it’s probably the furthest from it.

Move Your Spine

We all agree that a healthy and resilient spine is important... the bigger question is how?

True health and resilience is built within a joint by applying diverse stresses to it.

The spine is included in this logic!

Meaning, we need to expose the spine to progressively greater levels of movement and loads, just like every other joint.

Doing so will force it to stabilize and strengthen within these larger ranges of motion.

This is going to promote simultaneous mobility, strength, and resilience!

To put it another way, your spine moves in your golf swing. We better progressively move and load it in training to build resilience.

Here’s four exercises to build a strong, mobile and resilient spine…

1. Banded Lateral Bends

2. Standing spinal rotations

3. Cat-Cow

4. Barbell RDL




Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI

Founder: SCRATCH Golf Training







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