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GOLFERS... Train Like the Athletes You ARE - Here's HOW

I get the opportunity to work with athletes from many sports, not just golf.

One thing I have learned over time is that the training we complete is going to be MORE similar across sports THAN different.

I'm going to show you some large themes in my athlete's summer training programs that is DIRECTLY transferable to your training as a golfer!

Let's dive in.


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Maybe this is a broken record thought, but it never stops being important.

Still to this day you'll see videos of Cam Smith and Rory building their output base - but yet, you think your outputs are high enough?

By utilizing exercises like squats, deadlifts, jumps, pullups, and such we can expand the outputs our body can produce.

Whether it's with my collegiate football and basketball athletes, or golfers, the thought process is the same...

Build bigger outputs so we can express them within our sport.