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How Fatigue is Affecting Your Gains!

There is a super common misconception in the training world that in order to “workout” we need to end a workout sweating, out of breath, and in pain.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.. In fact, if you are consistently finding yourself in this position, you're probably hurting more than helping.




How Fatigue Affects Us in Training…

I’ve written before about the necessity of stress in training and how we need to stress our physical bodies in order to reap the rewards of adaptation.

But stress is different from fatigue.

When programmed and trained correctly, our workouts should create a level of stress, as well as a degree of short term fatigue, but shouldn’t compound into long-term fatigue effects.

When I was in college, I got unhealthily obsessive with my training. And I WAY passed that point of stress. I was consistently exhausted, fatigued, and tired. No longer was training aiding the adaptations I sought out, it was crushing them.




Now, let’s look at the golf swing.

It’s fast, powerful, and very rarely takes place under super large amounts of physical fatigue.

Training for the golf swing means tapping into adaptations such as strength and power.

Both of these require us to complete our training sessions under fairly low levels of fatigue and here’s why…

Our muscles have various units within them that will all play a slightly different role in our movement.