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️The season is coming.

*** Said like the Game of Thrones dude. I've never watched it but I've seen the clip where he goes "Winter is Coming." Hopefully you get the reference...


It's already February.

That final off-season push is here.

A few months from now (maybe less if we're lucky) you'll be standing on that practice green, counting down the minutes until you get to step on the tee box.

It's time to go.

It's time to get into golf shape.

It's like that old saying:

The best time to plant a tree was 40 years ago, the second best time is now.

I may be butchering it but it's something like that and you get the point.


Step 1: Play golf.

It seems too simple, too straight forward.

But yet, many coaches miss this boat.

The best way to "get in shape" to play golf is to quite literally play more golf.

Now, I will say we should be doing MORE than simply playing golf.

But, if you were to ask a coach what is the best thing you should do right now to "get into golf shape" they would be lying if they didn't say play golf.

Step 2: Strength and Power Training

Get in the weight room.

Join a SCRATCH program (cheeky plug).

By getting stronger and more powerful you will build a more resilient body (avoid injuries and pain), as well as a higher performing one!

I'm not even necessarily referring to the golf course, although of course (ha!) there will be some indirect transfer.

Step 3: Mobility Training

Make notice of where mobility training falls on the priority list.

BEHIND strength and power training.

That's because a proper strength development plan will improve your mobility naturally, this has been shown in research (1, 2).

But, many golfers out there are limited in their usable ranges of motion, so we should be including some direct mobility work into our warmups, or mixed into strength sessions.

Here's a hip mobility flow for ya!

Step 4: Aerobic Base Training

Finally, aerobic base building.

I don't prescribe long-duration cardio or ridiculous HIIT workouts.

I tend to think that a golf-specific aerobic base can be built with things such as:

  • Higher intensity movement circuits

  • Up tempo mobility flows

  • Walking


It's never been a better time to level up who you are as a human and an athlete... it just so happens that those will correlate with success on the golf course.

If you're ready, join the SCRATCH training community HERE.

Let's get to work.

The season is coming.

Carter Schmitz






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