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"I don't have time for golf fitness."

I hear this left and right.

When I ask people why they don't workout or train for their sport (golf).

Or I ask what do they feel is the biggest hurdle to their golf fitness?

~90% of the time it's the classic ole saying "I don't have time"

I'm here to tell you today that you do have time you are simply choosing to not prioritize it.

If you TRULY feel that time is your limiting factor, then this article today is going to help you MAKE time for it... even if it's 15 minutes per week.

Quick Summary of the Rest of the Article...

FIRST, we are going to go through 3 progressive levels of the I don't have time excuse.

Because here's the thing, you CAN make massive physical progress with minimal time commitment.

Even devoting only 15 Minutes Per Week can be extremally beneficial... Yes, you read that right, we'll discuss below.