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"I need to rotate more in my golf swing"

Many golfers out there are seeking "more rotation" in their golf swing.

But what does this even mean? And how do they know they need more "rotation"?

Did a swing coach tell them this one time, and it just stuck?

Did a commentator say this on a broadcast one time?

Did a random friend mention that they look "stiff"?

What is Rotation?

In my eyes, rotation is the ability to coil and uncoil our bodies in both a connected, and segmented, way to solve a a motor problem.

For golf, the motor problem is hitting a ball into a hole.

How much rotation do you need?

It depends.

Some pro golfers are massive rotators - Dustin Johnson.

Some not so much - Jon Rahm.

There are MANY ways to solve the problems that the sport of golf presents.

Some of these solutions utilize massive amounts of rotation and some not so much.