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Is "Consistency" Possible?

Everybody wants more consistency on the golf course.

But, is this possible?

Is it possible to be consistent?

For today's article, I want to dive into a topic that I am fairly passionate about and seeks to answer the question... How consistent is your golf swing?


I am currently getting my Masters of Science degree in Kinesiology.

One central focus of my research work is: How much do our mechanics change when we add complexity to a motor task?

When creating this topic, I never realized how applicable it would be to the sport of golf.

Let's talk about what I've learned, what research currently says, and how I think it can help YOU and your game!



Our biomechanics and the function of those biomechanics changes drastically when we shift our focus from an internal to an external state.

An internal focus of attention would be thinking "I need to tuck my right elbow" while swinging the club.

An external focus of attention would be thinking "I need to hit my target."

An internal focus of attention looks into the body trying to change a specific joint or bodily segment's pattern.

An external focus of attention looks at our environment, our interaction with it, or the function of our movement - not the movement in itself.

While some research points towards an external focus of attention being "better" that's not necessarily the point I want to make because this could be fairly individual dependent - certain cues work better for certain athletes.