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Is it OK to Golf Everyday?

Many SCRATCH athletes, and golfers more in general, get the opportunity to play OFTEN.

They will play 18 one day, slap some balls on the range the next, play a member-guest the following day, the list never stops...

They play golf nearly every single day.

While I am extremely jealous of your golf volume, is it healthy to golf everyday?

Let's dive in.

FIRST, Understand the Body

Some health and fitness "experts" believe in the notion that we only have a certain number of X physical activity before we start to break down.

They believe the human body degrades over time and with every golf swing or exercise we complete, we are simply one rep closer to that point where injuries pop up.

I do not believe this.

I would consider this to be a very fragile mindset.

Thinking the body is a piece of glass that can only withstand so much force, so much volume.

I believe the body is adaptable.

The human body becomes stronger and more resilient when stress is applied.

This is why strength training exists in our world. It is also why we see 65-75 year olds still out golfing at a high level injury-free.

Our bodies adapt to the stress we apply them.