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Is John Daly an Athlete?

What do you think?

Is John Daly an athlete?


A few important notes about John Daly, if you aren't already familiar...

  1. He drinks a ton of diet coke... at one point it was reported he was having 28 cans a day.

  2. He lights up darts left and right.

  3. He doesn't have the most ideal BMI... probably at ~30+ kg/m^2

So, I'll ask again, is John Daly an athlete?

How do you define an athlete?

This is the first step in answering the question.

To me, being an athlete, or showcasing athleticism, means being able to solve the problems your sport presents with your movement abilities.

To become an ELITE athlete, you have to be able to solve these problems at a level greater than everybody else.

John Daly is an ELITE athlete by this definition (he's got two majors!).

BUT YET, most golfers would chuckle at me declaring John Daly as an elite athlete.

It's because the external package he is wrapped up in doesn't match what we stereotypically think of as an "athlete."

Should he probably train a little differently? Yes.

Should he drop a few lbs? Probably.

BUT, being an athlete isn't about form, it's about the function that you complete the sport with.

There are many different ways to succeed within sport, and John Daly has found how best to showcase his athleticism - diet cokes and darts.

Let's not discredit the physicality John Daly brings to the golf course...

I would be remised if I failed to mention the physicality that John Daly brings to the golf course.

JD at one point had a clubhead speed of greater than 120 mph.

This is massive.

He had the ability to tap into another level of speed, but yet still showcase control of the clubface and keep the ball in play. In many ways, he was ahead of his time in this regard.

His speed and rotational power were (and still are) extremely athletic.

He had, and still has, total body mobility that allows him to generate a massive swing arc, and he can use that swing arc in a coordinated and fluent manner.

This, too, is extremely athletic.

Lastly, he has the skillfulness to succeed at all facets of the game of golf.

Again, he's got two majors!

John Daly is an ELITE Athlete to me.


So, what do you think?

Is John Daly an athlete?

Let me know in the comments...


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Carter believes ALL golfers are athletes, and they should be training accordingly.

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