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Low Hanging Fruit for Golf Performance and Longevity

These 4 things may be some of the "easier" things you can do right now to improve your golf performance and longevity, without having to step foot into a weight room or touch a golf club.

I put "easier" in quotes because, depending on the person and context of their life, these things may genuinely not be that easy to undertake.

And that's okay.

Habits start somewhere... why not today?

Let's Start from the Top... SLEEP

I won't go too deep into this because I think everybody knows the importance of sleep.

It's our primary recovery tool.

It is INFINITELY better than any massage gun, sauna, or vibrating foam roller you could buy.

7 hours minimum.

Sleep quality can be promoted by the following:

  • Keep your bedroom on the colder side and as dark as possible

  • Minimize phone/screen time the last hour before bed

  • Leave your phone outside of the bedroom

  • Wake up to your first alarm



20 minutes - 1 hour.

Not only will it help you live a healthier life off the course, but it will help you build fatigue resistance on the course.

So many golfers find themselves getting fatigued on the 12th, 13th, 14th hole within a round.

A simple way to combat this is to start walking more.

Build fatigue resilience.

Nutrition / Hydration

I have found the best way to clean up your nutrition is to cut out the bad stuff.

Yes vegetables, quality meats, and fruits are all very important and I want you to include these into your nutritional plan... BUT, it is much more difficult to start working in healthier foods than it is to cut the bad stuff.

So, let's start there.

Sweets... gone.

Soda (or pop, coke or whatever you call it)... gone.

Potato chips... gone (tough one for me).

Hydration wise, drink more water, drink fewer liquid calories.

We'll leave it at that.

Warm-Up Before Playing Golf

Quite honestly I think this IS the LOWEST hanging fruit of all the fruit hanging from the tree.

It's so simple.

Take 5 minutes before you play golf.

Do some squats, lunges, jumps, rotations, etc.

Here's a warm-up option for you...

Let's go low!

Carter Schmitz







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