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Maximizing Your Golf Off-Season Training!

If you are in a climate like me, we are knee deep into the off-season... Are you doing everything you can to come out on the other side of it fitter, more powerful, and more resilient?

In an ideal world, I would structure all of my athletes training in this way:

Speed stick training 1-2 x week.

Intense strength training 3-4 x week.

Mobility training in warm-ups and additional sessions as needed.

Mix in some simulator shop golfing, or hitting into a net and you're in great shape!

Speed Stick Training

There are a lot of different ways to do this.

The central point of all ways is this...

1. Grab a stick, pvc pipe, or even a golf club.


3. Use an external feedback tool that tells you your swing speed.

4. Repeat.

There are high quality (but pretty pricy) tools like the SuperSpeed sticks and other brands that work great! However, you can also go to Home Depot, get a pvc pipe, cut it down to 45-50 inches and start swinging.

Grab a couple of different pipes with varying thicknesses and weights to change up the stimulus applied to the body.

*I think I am going to do a slightly more in-depth post on weighted stick swinging, it's importance, and a cheap way you can get it done! Stay tuned...




Strength Training

I talk about this a ton so I won't go into much detail.

The biggest thing is this:

We need CONSISTENT and INTENSE strength training.

3 times per week is plenty to make gains.. but it better be three times EVERY WEEK.

And when you are training, you have to push it. Grab a heavier weight. Get more depth. Jump higher. Throw further.


ARTICLE: The Three Non-Negotiables of Your Golf Strength Training Program




Mobility Training

Included in all SCRATCH warm-ups, and mixed into strength sessions, mobility is something we can do both separately, and within our other training, dependent on the athlete.

The biggest thing we need to understand with mobility:

Mobility gains require part strength and part range of motion improvement... not one or the other!

Here's a 5 Minute Hip Flow for you if needed...

ARTICLE: 5 Minute Hip Flow for Golfers





And, if you want to join this community of athletes that are eager to step on to the course in Spring in a better spot than where they walked off of it in Winter... smash that button below.

Let's go low!

Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI








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