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More Rotation in Your Golf Swing!

I tweeted this earlier in October.

There is an important message within this tweet that I wanted to take a couple paragraphs to iron out.

Through training, we can work to reverse potential limitations in your movement abilities. With all of my athletes I complete an initial movement assessment, and for all of the SCRATCH virtual athletes there is a self-assessment tool that they get access to once they become a member! Within these self assessments we can learn about potential limitations in our movement abilities.

For example, here is the first self-assessment that you get as a SCRATCH athlete:

By completing this self-assessment we can learn if we lack in our spinal rotation abilities… a crucial part of your golf swing and overall health.

Then, over the next 6 months, we can work to correct this potential limitation by including exercises like the ones linked below:

1.) Half Kneeling T-Spine Rotations

2.) Half Kneeling T-Spine Rotations