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I’ve seen many practitioners instill fear into athletes, whether purposefully or not, by using the dreaded word, imbalance.

I feel like it's the "solution" they use to try and convince athletes of needing help... "you're imbalanced, broken and need my help to fix you!"

News flash... we are ALL imbalanced. And just because you play golf, doesn't make you more or less imbalanced than anybody else.

I also once listened to a podcast that I laughed out loud when the guest said, “our goal is to create perfect balance, like the anatomy picture you see on the wall in the classroom.”

First, balance is impossible to achieve.

Second, balance is far from ideal.




Balance is not Possible

As golfers, we use one side of our body more than the other during the golf swing.

But, as humans...

We also write with one side of our body.