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One Tip to Find Lower Scores!

I am guessing you came here hoping to find a cue or feel that will help you hit the ball further.

Maybe you are looking to pure those irons a little more consistently, so you were hoping to find a drill that you can work on next time at the range.

Maybe your putting is atrocious (guilty!), so you were hoping this article would show you a groundbreaking putting grip that will eliminate all 3 putts.

Well, I have none of those things for you.

What I have is better.

Way better.

Not even in the same ballpark, better…

However, it does require more work on your end, I’ll admit that upfront.

It requires commitment, persistence and consistency

But I am guessing if you are here, it means that you are willing to put in the work. You are willing to commit yourself to the process of getting better!

Without dragging you along too much, if I haven’t already, here it is…

The Best Golf Tip on the Market

Build a stronger, more resilient and athletic body by committing yourself to a long-term physical development plan.




I could hear the sighs from over here.

But hear me out before hitting that X button in the top right!

If you are anything like many golfers out there (including myself), you have scavenged YouTube watching all of the golf swing tips you can find. You have filmed yourself at the range, and played it back in slow motion. You have bought new clubs, balls, gloves, and training tools hoping those would solve all of your swing flaws.

And yet, you are reading this article.




There are 3 central benefits that you will achieve by committing to a long-term physical development program:

  1. Get stronger

  2. Get more athletic

  3. Get faster

And all three of these will transfer to your game in two ways:

  1. Hit the ball further and more consistently.

  2. Play pain and injury free into the future.




Getting Stronger... why should I?

By getting stronger you can increase the amount of force you produce within your swing.

More force means further shots.

It also means more resilience to injury!

Getting stronger means, quite literally, increasing the strength of your bodily tissues and joints.

Let’s put it simply, what is harder to break, a steel rod or a stick? The steel is stronger. It’s harder to break.

You can be too with proper physical development.

Get more athletic... "but, I'm just a golfer"

First: All golfers are athletes... including you!

Second: Improving your levels of athleticism means more consistent results on the golf course.

No, this doesn’t mean your swing will all the sudden look like Tiger Woods, but it does mean that you will have greater overall movement abilities, which could help you swing more like the athletic golfers you see on the PGA Tour every weekend.

More athleticism means more adaptability within your golf swing. I won’t go into the nitty gritty here but essentially think about it this way... which wide receiver is going to get open more:

Wide Receiver A: Has one move to create separation that he tries every time he runs a route.

Wide Receiver B: Has many moves that he can use varingly in order to create separation from the defensive back




Wide Receiver B will have more success because his breadth of movement abilities is greater - he is more athletic than wide receiver A.

Get more athletic to give yourself the widest breadth of movement abilities.

Doing so will increase resilience, adaptability, and to put it bluntly, will make you a better golfer.

Yes all golfers are athletes... READ THIS IF YOU DISAGREE

Get Faster... Yes please!

I could take the obvious approach here and say more speed means more distance… which it does. Clubhead speed is very much correlated with ball speed (and therefore distance).

But getting faster also helps you eliminate fatigue while on the course, which will decrease your risk of injury and also improve your consistency over the course of a round.

The faster you are, the larger speed reserve you maintain, meaning the potential speed you can create. If we can increase that speed reserve, your current speed levels are 1.) going to feel a lot easier which will help increase the consistency of your results and 2.) be much less physically demanding on your body, and therefore easier to recover from on a shot by shot basis.




Moral of the story

The best golf training tip you should start making use of (if you haven’t already) is committing to a long-term physical development plan that will increase your underlying movement abilities.

Doing so will indirectly take your golf game to new heights!

I didn’t even talk about the fact that physical development is great for a healthy and resilient life off of the course as well.

But I’ll leave that for another day.

Today is solely about improving your golf game and of course, going low.




Check out to join the growing community of golfers seeking long-term physical development!

Join now and get a one week, NO RISK, FREE trial!

There is no better time than today to begin the process of improving your game by building a stronger, more resilient and athletic body!

Coach Carter Schmitz TPI, CSCS









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