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Online Fitness Programs for Golfers - Here's why YOU should consider it.

Online fitness isn't the answer for everybody, but it can be a helpful asset for many. Below I am going to discuss three reasons why YOU should consider Online Fitness Training to become a better golfer.

Before diving into those, let's create the understanding as to WHY overall fitness is important for golfers.

[1.] Injury resilience.

Maintaining your fitness will help you avoid injuries AND overcome them quicker when they do arise.

[2.] Greater performance

Improved fitness will help you move more athletically and perform better on the golf course. It can help increase distance, swing more freely, and feel more confident!

[3.] Fatigue resistance

Greater fitness means less fatigue accumulating throughout a round of golf as well as on a swing-by-swing basis. Recovery then becomes easier and your volume of golf can increase!

But, why ONLINE fitness?


FIRST, cost.

In-person personal trainers and private gym facilities can cost HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS.

As an in-person coach to hundreds of athletes, I definitely understand the value of being face-to-face.

Greater communication.

Easier to cultivate a relationship with the athletes.

More accountability.