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Physical Screens (Assessments)... No More.

My views on this topic have changed pretty dramatically over time...

I used to think assessments, physical screens, and "functional" movement tests were NECESSARY.

No more.

Let's dive in...




Left and right golf practitioners make use of "assessments" or physical screens.

They check how much an athlete's wrist can bend, and hip can rotate.

They check their balance and "stability" in a constrained environment that is in NO WAY similar to the golf course (where you actually perform your sport and express your physical outputs).

Physical screens, how they are currently used, are pretty much worthless in my opinion.

My goal at SCRATCH Golf Training is to help YOU become a better version of yourself and improve your golf performance along the way... which doesn't in anyway require me to sell you a $300 useless physical screen.

I went on a Twitter rant about this topic, and I want to take a chance to expand on the points I made.

Why I don't use Physical Screens (at least, the kind that most coaches use)...

[1.] They're redundant.

99% of what a coach learns in an assessment can be learned while you coach/train.

It doesn’t take a $300 assessment to discover that you lack hip mobility.