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First and foremost... it's NFL Playoff time. Go Pack Go.


Secondly, I have another... NEW PROGRAM ALERT!

STRONGER, FASTER, LONGER is an 8 week, total gym access program.

The goals of the program are exactly what they sound like...

  1. Stronger

  2. Faster

  3. Longer

The program begins with general strength, power and hypertrophy exercises before introducing rotational power exercises to help build some transference from your training to your swing!

Check it out now! If you are a monthly SCRATCH Athlete, you get access to it!

Stronger, Faster, Longer

"Conditioning" for Golfers

Golf is primarily an anaerobic sport.

Meaning... powerful and force driven!

We don't need to have the aerobic capacity of a marathoner, cyclist or swimmer.

We need to be powerful like a baseball athlete, Olympic lifter or football player!

Therefore, our conditioning should look a little different than other sports... check out what I mean below:

YouTube: Better Conditioning than HIIT

Article of The Week!

Every week I open up this article with "Welcome in SCRATCH ATHLETES."

There's a reason for that...

You're all ATHLETES.

Check this out... We ARE ATHLETES.

Let's have a great week!

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions!




Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI







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