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SCRATCH Golf Insider - 11/14


Introducing the SCRATCH 101 Training Program!

All SCRATCH members get exclusive access to this 4 week training program.

New to strength training?

Want a simple, effective training program that targets the fundamentals of building strength?

This is the program for you.

By completing it, you will learn and progress the fundamental movement patterns that make up nearly all strength training programs!

However, just because this is a “beginner” level program, don’t for a second think it is a breeze.

It’ll push, challenge, and expose you in many ways.

All of which are GOOD.

All of which we NEED, to create more resilient and stronger bodies.

I hope you enjoy it! Check it out below!




For today, what if I told you there’s one exercise we can use to promote simultaneously greater mobility and stability in the hips???

Focus on two things:

  1. Sink deep into your hips each rep

  2. Breathe and hold the bottom position to create strength and resilience within it!

Check it out below!




Let's have a great week!

Coach Carter Schmitz