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I've begun revamping the Pre-Golf Warm-Up's Program within the app.

The goal is to have 18 GOLF WARM UPS ready to go by March.

I have 9 in their now.

Ranging from 3 minutes to 20 minutes.

Some using just your bodyweight designed to be completed at the course.

Some using bands that you pack along in your bag! ;)

Some designed to be completed as almost a pre-golf primer workout at home before leaving for the course.

Point is, there is a ton of variation in these warm-ups with the hopes that you find a few that work well for you this golf season.

Warming up is BY FAR the lowest hanging fruit to greater golf performance.

Be sure to JOIN THE PROGRAM if you haven't already so that you have access to these warm-ups on the course this season!


I have an important tweet I want you to read and think about.

Many in the golf world talk about "limiting factors."

They say "Golfer X is limited by their hip mobility."

"Golfer Y is limited by their t-spine rotation."

I'm guilty of it too.

Why are we automatically assuming that these are negative motor charachteristics?

Our body and motor system is unbelievably complex.

Moving forward, I am going to make a conscious effort to remove "limiting factor" from my dictionary.

Your hip mobility isn't inherently limiting, it's simply a characteristic of your movement.

It's a constraint that your golf swing works around and through.

Constraints aren't inherently good or bad... they're just present.

And the human body is incredibly skillful at adapting to stressors and working through constraints that exist.

Your hip mobility may be your strongest asset... even if you can only rotate 45 degrees when the (made-up) standard is 60 degrees.

Let's rethink the way we are examining our bodies and the way practitioners are talking to us.

Practitioner's and textbooks aren't smarter than your human body.


GOLF FITNESS: How can you separate the GOOD and BAD on social media?

This is an important one.

There's a lot of bad in the golf fitness social media space.

I want to help you navigate it.


You are here reading this.

You are a SCRATCH Athlete.

I assume you don't need this video below.

But you probably know a golf buddy or two that does.

Pass it along!

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